wine experiences

Explore different types of experiences from simply tasting through a flight of wines with Winemaker Nicholas Karavidas to choreographing a private winemaker dinner with Nicholas.

In between is anything that you would like to do because this is your experience.  If you have a desire to learn more about winemaking, Nicholas will teach you about any area of the process that you would like to learn.

From Barrel tastings to vineyard tours to educational seminars, the skies the limit but here's a few prepared experiences that are popular with Nicholas and his objective is to have a great time entertaining and enjoying one-on-one experiences with those who are fascinated with wine.


8 person personal experience

Barrel tasting for 8


included in barrel tasting experience

Invite your closest friends and family for an intimate barrel tasting with winemaker Nicholas Karavidas.  Unpretentious and entertaining, not only will you learn about the fascinating world of coopering barrels but how every element of the coopering process effects the flavors imparted into the wines that age in them.

Along with the experience, each guest will take home 2 bottles of wine and enjoy artisan cheeses and meats from local producers.


What you receive

  • 2-hour barrel tasting experience
  • Selection of Artisan Cheeses & Meats
  • 2 Bottles Each of your choice
  • 25% Cost Benefit on Any Wines in Addition

Private vineyard tour - Mokelumne-clements

somms vineyard tour

Clements_Double_Sun_Star (deleted e72a6f9971ff8e95a7fd484c29c42292).jpg

Where will you travel?

Meeting with and discussing what goes through the winegrowers mind on this tour of vineyards in the Mokelumne River & Clements Hills AVA's.  You will picnic lunch among the vines with a selection of wines from the Redhaus portfolio and interact with discussions between winemaker Nicholas Karavidas and the growers he partners with to make his wines.


INCLUDEd benefits

  • Tour transportation from Redhaus Wines, Lodi. (expect 3+ hours)
  • Lunch in the vineyards with selected artisan meats, cheeses, seasonal fruits and veggies
  • 2 Bottles of wine for each guest
  • 25% additional purchase benefit for each tour guest

Napa-sonoma vineyard tour

somms tour north coast

Valley_of_moon_3 (deleted 9c89e74079bea200adf83470a5fda6e5).jpg

NOrth coast vineyard tour

Touring the vineyards of the north coast of California is an experience that every wine lover should subdue at least once their lives.  Touring with a seasoned winemaker is an experience that very few ever get.  The Somm's Tour North Coast coordinates with several vineyards with each trip being unique and designed specifically for each guest group.  Plan on a full day of touring, tasting and enjoying delicacies among the vines in this once in a lifetime experience.



  • Touring Van from Redhaus Wines, Lodi to Napa-Sonoma (Plan for 8+ hours)
  • Plan on eating breakfast prior to the tour with 2 meals during the day will be served
  • 2 bottles of Redhaus Wines for each tour guest upon departing.
  • 25% additional purchase benefit for all purachases