Distinction Mokelumne River Zinfandel

Distinction Mokelumne River Zinfandel


Intense concentrated berry fruit aromatics of raspberry, cherry, blackberry with a luscious and textural mouthfeel. One of the ‘Distinctives’ of this Zinfandel is the specific qualities found in the Mokelumne River AVA of California (American Viticultural Area). What brought me as a winemaker to this area was the study showing that the Mokelumne River AVA was cooler overall to the center of Napa Valley but warm enough to properly ripen red grapes (not just get them sweet).

In the evening, the typical cooling in this area is over 40 degrees causing the compounds in the grapes to have a longer season to ripen and concentrate.

What you’ll find in this Mokelumne River Zinfandel is a wonderful fruit aromatic enhanced by an equal balance of American and French Oak Barrel aging. The French oak having the tendency to enhance the spicy character of the grape and the American oak giving the fruit character a very ‘sweet’ aromatic from the high levels of vanillin (vanilla character) in the American oak.

This wine will serve very well for another 5+ years assuming proper storage in a temperature controlled wine cellar.

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